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Electro-Fault Trainer
Availability: Unlimited
Code: 40359
Enclosure Type - Default Metal Box

This Fault Trainer includes many of the features of our popular Electro-Trainer kit, including a built-in switchable 13.8VDC @ 3A fixed Regulated power supply to 3-18VDC Variable power supply; and a hinged top for storing leads. Unlike the standard Electro-Trainer, all of the electronic components used for building circuits are permanently mounted to the acrylic top as shown in the next image.

The standard Electro-Trainer manual is included and all activities can be done on this trainer without the need to insert and remove components. What makes the trainer unique is the ability to insert faults into a working circuit without removing leads or components. The trainer has several switches on the back side which can be used to create an open or resistive fault in many of the components.

The fault switches are numbered, and legend provided to show which component each switch effects. All of the components have test points between the banana jack and the component. This allows them to be tested for differences in voltage or high resistance.