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Hay Fork Moisture Detector
Availability: Unlimited
Code: HF01
Hay Fork Remote

The Hay Fork Moisture Detector is a great system that is designed to alert the user of a moisture spot inside of a hay bale that could potentially start a hay fire.

The Hay Fork Moisture Detector mounts onto the frame of the Hay Fork, so the LED lights can be seen from the cab, while each of the 6 Moisture Probe is mounted to separate Fork. The forks have a probe embedded near the end that detects  the moisture level over a certain  percentage. This moisture alarm can be adjusted to any moisture percentage. When the moisture percentage is reached, a red light on the control box will turn on to notify the operator.

A great feature that is built into the  Hay Fork Moisture Detector is the automatic shut-off. If the Detector is not shut off manually, it will automatically shut itself off after a 5 minute period. A sensor will turn the Detector back on with movement of the Hay Fork.

As an option, customers will be able to purchase a remote alarm add on for the Hay Fork Moisture Detector. This add on will give the users the ability to remotely alert  themselves, or others, of a high moisture content.