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Shaft Monitor
Availability: Unlimited
Code: NAH

The Shaft Monitor has many uses for those running farming equipment and other such industrial equipment. The Shaft Monitor checks on the turning shafts and has many features, including a loud buzzer (when enabled) that makes the operator aware of a shaft that is not turning or has slowed down; runs on a 12V power system; and it is cost effective when comparing broken shafts that cause down time during the busy season.

The Shaft Monitor also adjusts to any speed, and even works when some shafts are slow and others fast. It was made with ease of use in mind so your focus can be elsewhere. The hard plastic case makes this instrument durable.

The Shaft Monitor comes in several different sizes to accommodate your needs and operation. The sizes available  are: 1, 2, 4, and 6 shaft.

The Single Shaft  Batt Monitor option is a unique monitor, in that it can be connected to a 12VDC power source, like the other monitors, or it can be used on battery power to make it easier to put into hard to reach places. It also comes in a durable custom made, machine cut, enclosure.