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Availability: Unlimited
Code: 90350W
Enclosure Type - Default Metal Box

The Electro-Trainer is among our most popular kits. The electronic components used for building circuits in the Electro-Trainer are all separate parts. This feature is useful because you achieve the ability to move the components as needed.

The standard Electro-Trainer manual is included with this product.

Material: 3/16” Acrylic peg board mounted in slanted wood stand, or slanted metal stand, for desk or table top use. Hinged top for storage of modules and leads. Peg board has 91 milled holes for inserting individual modules during training. There are also 4 black and 4 red power jacks for the test leads.

Power Supply: Switchable 0-14V @ 3A Variable regulated supply or 13.8VDC @ 3A Fixed Regulated supply.

Modules Included: All modules are mounted on white acrylic plastic with silk-screened labeling. And banana plugs on back for inserting and removing from test board.