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GM Trainer
Availability: Unlimited
Code: 80250
Enclosure Type - Default Metal Box

The GM Trainer is similar to our Electro-Trainer in that it comes with modular components for use on the test board, but the GM Trainer has a few distinct differences. The components included in this Trainer are more advanced and comprehensive when it comes to training for GM automobile maintenance. These parts include a Hazard Switch, Cigarette Lighter, and a Sunload Sensor.

3/16” Acrylic mounted in slanted metal stand for desk or tabletop use. Hinged top for storage of modules and leads. The acrylic top has 135 milled holes for inserting individual modules during training. There are (2) 5 volt DC jacks, (5) ground Jacks, (3) 12 volt DC, and (2) 12 volt AC jacks for test leads.


Power Supply: 12VDC @ 7A Regulated Supply

                         5VDC @ 3A Regulated Supply

                        12VAC @ 1A


Modules Included: All mounted on white acrylic plastic, with silk-screened labeling. Banana plugs included on back for inserting and removing from test board.