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Electro-STEM Trainer
Availability: Unlimited
Code: EST

This Electro-STEM Trainer includes many of the features of our popular Fault Trainer, including a built in switchable 13.8VDC @ 3A fixed Regulated Power Supply, to 3-18VDC Variable Power Supply; and a hinged top for storing leads. Also like the Fault Trainer, the Electro-STEM Trainer’s electronic components, that are used for building circuits, are permanently mounted to the acrylic top.

Because the Electro-STEM Trainer does not require the user to insert and remove its components, we get the ability to insert faults into a working circuit. The Trainer has several switches on the back side which can be used to create an open or resistive fault in many of the components. The fault switches are numbered, with legend provided, to show which component each switch effects. All components have test points between the banana jack and the component. This allows them to be tested for differences in voltage or high resistance.

What makes the Electro-STEM Trainer truly unique from the Fault Trainer, are the advanced modules that are used in STEM training. These modules include a Thermistor, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), Hand Crank Generator, LED Array, and a Pulse-Width Modulation component with a separate N-Channel Mosfet.